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Hidetoshi Nakayama key chain knife 4148

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92 g
Titanium, micarta, burl
115 mm
Blade material
Status: In reserve
Comes with: shipping packaging.
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A titanium key chain with a knife and a piston mechanism

Key chain knife is an elegant piece of art, stylish keyholder with a secret miniature knife. The accessory was created by the famous Japanese jeweler Hidetoshi Nakayama. The master carefully handcrafted every detail with the diligence of a perfectionist.

This item was purchased by the store from the author at the New York Custom Knife Show 2019.

The custom key chain is extremely beautiful and extremely functional. Metal rings provide plenty of room for your keys to your home and office. A curved snap hook will comfortably lock the accessory to the loop of your jeans.

The process of making the key chain required special patience from Hidetoshi Nakayama. The material is titanium, it's durable, but difficult to work with. The surface of most of the parts is decorated with satin and then anodized. So the metal received a bronze tint with a transition to tarnishing color.

The gear of the keyholder is a master's original find. The miniature locking mechanisms are inspired by the pistons of steam locomotives, they send us back to the steampunk style, with an admiration for the charm of steam engines. One piston is responsible for blocking the carbine, the second piston fixes the knife in a tiny sheath.

An intricate keyholder is equipped with a small stylish cutting tool, made with jewelry precision. The tiny knife is made of Japanese stainless steel. A blackened blade has a Scramasax profile. A handle is decorated with patterned burl plates.

It is noteworthy that being in the scabbard, the sharp knife looks more like an old cowboy revolver. The scabbard itself is made of titanium, the bottom is made of micarta.

The set includes three key rings.

The key chain knife is a work of applied art with steampunk aesthetics. A keyholder with a secret knife from a Japanese master will not disappoint an esthete and collector!

Don't miss this exclusive handmade accessory!

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