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Kamikaze Koi carps tactical pen Streltsov P&A

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62 g
162 mm
From the manufacturer / New
Engraving, Anodizing
Price: $1,170USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: company packaging (tube, leather case).
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Titanium pen with a symbol of prosperity — koi fish

Kamikaze Koi is a tactical pen decorated with a symbol of prosperity, luck, and health – golden koi fish. This stylish writing accessory is a limited edition of the Streltsov P&A workshop.

The texture of the Kamikaze Koi’s body resembles bamboo shoots. The pen is not only beautiful but also conceals some pleasant surprises. Kamikaze Koi is kind of a block-shaped anti-stress toy for men. Three “bamboo” blocks might be built in several ways.

The length of the closed pen is approximately 14 centimeters. It might grow to 16 centimeters in other positions. You can play with the blocks and build a regular pen or you can reveal the sting – a monolithic peak. In the second case, you will release Kamikaze Koi’s martial nature. Pen’s titanium body is ready to survive serious loads. This tough accessory might be used as a weapon for self-defense or as a glass breaker.

Kamikaze Koi’s decoration pleases your eyes with vivid colors and great detailing of complex drawing. There are rocks covered with algae, gorgeous water lilies, and a graceful group of carps. The composition was anodized to get its colors: flowers appear in silver, leaves became green, pebbles got coffee shade, and fish scales shimmer with golden and bronze light. The choice of characters is not random. In Japanese culture koi fish symbolize the stubborn origin of a man, strong will to achieve goals, health, and luck.

The pen comes with a black leather case, branded tube, and a cartridge from german manufacturer Lamy.

Kamikaze Koi Streltsov is a titanium tactical pen that brings luck to its owner. It’s a wonderful present for a businessman who will appreciate the hidden symbolism, stylish look, and extreme toughness of the accessory.

Catch the koi fish now. Reserve the pen in one click!  


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    Maria Stalina Knives
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