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Rike Knife Carabiner R-YSK 1602/4149

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69 mm
16 g
39 mm
Price: $40USD
In stock
Comes with: company packaging (box).
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Rike Knife carabiner multitool R-YSK 1602

Having conquered the serial folder world, Rike Knife has invaded multitool territory. The operation was carried out brilliantly! One of the heroes of the invasion was the Carabiner R-YSK 1602, a universal carabiner with a masculine design and rich possibilities. This stylish keychain replaces 12 tools!

The carabiner is made of hypoallergenic medical titanium — a super strong and extremely lightweight material. The surface has retained the natural beauty of metal, rough texture with a noble shade of steingrau.

The first function of the R-YSK 1602 is obvious. The carabiner with a convenient and reliable latch is an indispensable item when traveling. A flashlight, a whistle, a compass, a paracord, a first aid kit — you can hang everything you need on the multitool, and then attach it to your belt, backpack, headboard, or branch near the tent.

The carabiner can also be used as a keychain. This option is convenient for temporary keys, for example, from a hotel room or a luggage room. For keys with permanent registration (from your house or car), a special closed-loop is more suitable.

Like any self-respecting multitool, the R-YSK 1602 is equipped with an opener. Its hook easily opens bottles. Its shape provides excellent leverage.

There is also a screwdriver option. Two protrusions are located diagonally from each other at the corners. One is designed to work with a straight slot, the other with a cross.

The culmination of the R-YSK 1602's capabilities is an elongated hole with a complex profile that replaces seven different-sized spanners. Just imagine how much space all these tools would take separately, and how heavy your backpack would be! The multitool is only 7 centimeters long and weighs only 16 grams.

R-YSK 1602 is a great gift for someone who likes to live easily and comfortably. The stylish titanium accessory is perfect for urban adventures, country walks, and long journeys.

One-click and the titanium EDC tool is yours!

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    Maria Stalina Knives
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