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Icebreaker Skull tactical pen Streltsov P&A

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55 гр.
136 мм
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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Tactical pen ICEBREAKER by Dmitry Streltsov. The master specializes in titanium, produces writing accessories, jewelery and accessories in EDC aesthetics and is well known in the Russian knife community.

The presented copy is a new model made by the Master in 2018. The material of the product is titanium. Finishing — mirror finish and relief damaskaz (engraving, imitating the pattern of Damascus steel).

Engraved skulls on the surface of the product are anodized in bronze tones.

The handle is completed with a Parker rod, so no problems will arise with its replacement. The kit also includes a leather case.

Streltsov's titanium pen is a great gift for a person who is close to the culture of EDC, as well as for a lover of original author's things. Convenient, reliable, stylish!

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    Maria Stalina Knives
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