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Zeppelin Bad Teddy Healthy Sleep tactical pen Streltsov P&A

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39 g
110 mm
Engraving, Anodizing
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: company packaging (tube, leather case).
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Brutal Teddy and his dolls on a titanium handle

Bad Teddy Healthy sleep is a truly masculine accessory both in design and plot. Dmitry Streltsov continues to delight a strong half of humanity with brutal pens. Streltsov P&A's creations are not just writing instruments, they are style elements and secret palm tactics.

The pen body is made of high-strength titanium. The scene of rude black humor is engraved on its surface. The main character of the miniature is a bad, very bad Teddy bear. A plush bully with a sewn-up scar on his forehead, buttoned eyes, and a vicious fanged grin, resting under a patchwork quilt. Two pretty dolls (probably with reduced social responsibility) trustingly clung to Teddy from both sides.

The image has been worked out to the smallest detail: starting with a sock, hung on the headboard, and ending with a riveted underwear of a bear lying at the foot. A well-fed ginger cat is dozing on the background of this sketch 16+.

The engraving palette has about ten colors: the fangs of the bear are displayed in silver, the pleased cat is indicated in gold, a wall of the room is painted swampy green, the patchwork quilt checkers with many shades (from purple to coffee). This multicolor was achieved with the help of masterfully executed titanium anodizing.

The extraordinarily strong body material and the sharp, streamlined shape are perfect for using the pen as a defensive weapon. You can use an accessory to heighten your punch or use the Yawaru as a Japanese palm tactic.

The set includes a blue rod of the premium German brand Lamy, a brown quilted leather case, and a branded cardboard tube.

Bad Teddy Healthy Sleep is a limited edition men's accessory. The tactical pen will be a great gift for the connoisseur of jokes on the edge. Teddy-Bear is a bold choice of a brave man!

Do not miss the bad bear, go on an adventure with him immediately!

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    Maria Stalina Knives
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