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The product has a unique number and a certificate personally signed by the author. On the left side are high aspirations: the cock symbolizes awakening, under it — the passion for creation represented by the crafts characteristic of the Renaissance: national embroidery, pottery, carving, braiding of lace cords, jewelry. On the right side are low passions. Under the slumbering cat as a symbol of laziness is presented avarice, vanity, lust, gossip and drunkenness. The priest between them on top is a judge but with an ironic implication that nothing human is alien to him. In a saturated composition at first sight passions are indistinguishable in character and are intertwined as in life into one amusing whole.
260 mm
50 mm
980 mm
Svetlin Stefanov
Status: Sold
The product has a unique number and a certificate personally signed by the author. Comes with: certificate, shipping packaging.
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    Maria Stalina Knives
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