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Online shop Maria Stalina Knives is glad to present a collection of exclusive custom pocket folding knives from around the world.

If you are a true collector of unique instances of pocket knives or Japanese swords, they came to the right place.

Online store Maria Stalina Knives — the perfect place to buy a knife!

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Maria Stalina Knives
Ножи Марии Сталиной
Nikolai Lomachenkov and Maria Stalina Knives will take a part in their second Blade Show! We will be glad to see you in Atlanta, Georgia, USA!
From November 16 to November 17, the New York Custom Knife Show 2018 takes place in New York. We are pleased to announce that the event will feature the knives of Nikolai Lomachenkov and Maria Stalina.
Maria Stalina Knives
Interesting Knives
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240 $
El Diablo
El Diablo
280 $
Spyderco Poliwog
Spyderco Poliwog
660 $
Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives Screwdriver №2 (8mm)
Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina…
100 $
SBW 111 M390
SBW 111 M390
1 030 $
Justus Knives Big Mook 1
Justus Knives Big Mook 1
2 860 $
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