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Geidu King and Jester Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina Knives

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219 mm
Blade length
93 mm
192 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,8 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Handle Finish
Golden metall indentation, Engraving
Lock type
Assisted Liner Lock
Nikolay Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina Knives
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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Custom folding knife Geidu by Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina has unique design based on the humorous plastic sculpture by famous Bulgarian sculptor Svetlin Stefanov. He’s well-known for his ironic caricature style. Svetlin creates metaphorical instructive sketches in the atmosphere of fairy tales and fables. We wanted to combine the original concept of Stefanov's works with knife-art aesthetics of Nikolai Lomachenkov's projects. Svetlin enthusiastically supported our idea.

So, the King and the Jester. Traditional satirical images, incarnations of cause and effect, deeds and experiences, passions and morals ...

French novelist Marcel Pagnol said: «Tell me what you're laughing at, and I'll tell you who you are».

The Jester is the reflection of the King's nature, the pride of the fruit or the wisdom of the great. The sage easily laughs at himself, the ambitious man laughs with joy at others. Who dares to admit mistakes and sins, he will easily sit on the shaky throne of life. Arrogant man is doomed to laugh jesters and fall trophy of his own ambitions.

The blade has a classic Scandinavian shape. It made of stainless Damasteel damascus. Right-sided carbon thumb stud  is located on the spine to extract the wedge with your thumb.

The handle is made of titanium. On both plates are placed patterns, made on the technology of manual engraving with the yellow metal inlays. On the left plate is a sketch that depicted the original work of Stefanov. On the right side there is a pattern-rapport with crowns and clown caps. Talented master-engraver Oleg Pas’ decorated the handle. He’s also known as Olaf Pas.

In the design of the product there is modified liner-lock with a button. The knife is equipped with a titanium clip, at the end of the handle is provided a cullet with a hole for the lanyard.

The composition of the art knife Geidu is completed by lanyard beads «The King and the Jester», made by jeweler Maxim Ryabkov on the cast from the original statuette of Stefanov.

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