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Lanyard Bead Clown blue Peshkov Brothers Workshop

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16 g
17,8 mm
25,3 mm
21,2 mm
Status: Sold
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Bead for lanyard "Clown" from the famous Russian artist Alexander Peshkov. Skulls are a favorite theme of the Peshkov Brothers Workshop. The workshop's products are constantly participating in large-scale knife exhibitions in Russia and Europe, talented brothers are quite famous figures in the circle of Russian Nozhemans with the reputation of perfectionists in love with their craft.

The product is made of bronze with black oxide patination. The clown skull is a classic horror motif that will make an excellent company of a brutal knife with a bad character. Recommend the villainous Butcher by André De Villiers

On the inside of the bead there is a stamp-logo of the workshop.

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