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Peshkov Brothers Workshop Lanyard Bead "Dolf"

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14 g
15,7 mm
19,9 mm
14,7 mm
Status: Sold
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Lanyard bead “Dolf” by the author Alexander Peshkov. Peshkov Brothers workshop is engaged in the manufacture and customization of knives and accessories: gasoline lighters, belt buckles, bracelets, tactical pens and other big boys toys. If you are searching for bright and memorable decoration for your favorite EDC tools we can recommend you pay attention to Alexanders and Artems works.

The accessory is made of patinated bronze. The name of the product refers to the famous actor of action-movie, with his masculine stage role. However, many recognize him as another, may be more famous personage with a hairdo flattop and an unchanged cigar in his teeth — Duke Nukem.

Perfectly add to the exterior of the over-built tactics in the style of Mick Strider and Begg Knives Glimpse Star Strike.

The logo of the workshop is stamped on the inside of the bead



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