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Extrema Ratio BF3 Dark Talon

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This product is being sold in the current condition. Can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos).
273 mm
Blade length
122 mm
125 g
Thickness in the forehead
3 mm
Blade material
Finishing the blade
Material of the handle
Anticorodal Anodized Aluminum
Handle Finish
Black anodized
Anticorodal Anodized Aluminum
Number of pieces in the series
Lock type
Liner lock
From a private collection / in excellent condition (like new)
Limited Edition
Price: $580USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: box, wood case, manual.
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Limited edition Italian folding knife BF3 Dark Talon

Extrema Ratio has become famous as the creator of knives and tactical tools for the Italian special forces. The BF3 Dark Talon is a limited edition knife. The third of 20 samples accordingly to mark 3/20 on the blade.

Extrema Ratio presents the Dark Claw knife as a utility knife and self-defense tool. The knife impresses with a length: the size of the blade is 122 mm, and the whole knife reaches 273 mm! Due to its sophisticated shape and dark finish, Dark Talon does not look bulky, on the contrary, it has an elegant, dashing look.

The lightweight of the folder (only 125 g) makes it a great item for daily wear. The knife is not only weightless, it is almost invisible in the pocket. The special bridge-type clip provides a gentle and deep fit.

Extrema Ratio makes absolutely all of its knives from premium Austrian steel N690, and Dark Claw is no exception. The N690 brand has very high anti-corrosion properties, retains sharpness for a long time, and perfectly withstands shock and side loads. The shape of the blade provides the knife with an excellent thrust and high-quality cut. The protective anti-reflective coating matches military-grade MIL-C-13924 regulations.

The blade could be opened by a double pin, useable both the right and left hand. Do not be afraid to put heavy loads on the butt — a reliable liner lock protects your fingers from accidental closure.

The handle fits comfortably in the hand, its ergonomic shape is made of the material Anticorodal — aluminum of the highest purity (impurities in it are only 2%).

The folder comes with a branded wooden case with a serial number.

The BF3 Dark Talon Extrema Ratio is a limited edition tactical knife created by Tuscan craftsmen and approved for use in the Italian army. The long and light Dark Claw surprises with its unusual design and pleases with a high-quality cut.

Just one click and the black handsome will decorate your pocket!

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