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Extrema Ratio Knives Division

Supplier of Italian special forces Extrema Ratio

Extrema Ratio is a legendary Italian company producing a wide range of high-quality tactical serial knives. Diving fixed knives and hiking folders adorn the brand logo. But Extrema Ratio became famous thanks to combat knives, which the Italian army and police use.

The history of the company began in 1997 in Tuscany. The first Extrema Ratio workshops were opened in the city of Prato — the famous commercial and industrial center of Italy. For several years the company groped its way, producing a wide variety of types of cutting tools from hunting knives to chef's hatchets. 

The brand's products were very popular, Extrema Ratio had to expand. In 2004, they expanded its production area to 600 sq. m. Despite the growing sales, the company's management was well aware that other Italian knife companies were also actively fighting for customers. It was necessary to find their own handwriting, to stand out from the competitors. They decided to rely on tactical models with a high reserve of strength.

Peaceful kitchen utensils and short-lived EDC-folders disappeared from the assortment, leaving only knives ready to survive in the most aggressive use. The durability of Extrema Ratio products was rated by military experts, a contract after a contract fell on the company. The weapons produced by the brand became part of the combat equipment of the military forces of Italy. Cooperation with the active army turned out to be the best advertisement. To get personal use of the dagger of a soldier of the famous anti-terrorist unit G.I.S., or to become the owner of a dagger that hangs on the belt of special forces officers from COFS is the dream of any boy, no matter if he is 10 or 60 years old.

Extrema Ratio has earned an ability to supplied the Italian army, police, thanks to work with premium steel and branded handle materials.

They use N690 stainless steel, which, according to the company's website, is produced in a small factory in Austria. The factory may be small by Italian standards, but it belongs to one of the world's leading suppliers of high-grade tool steel, the metallurgical concern Böhler-Uddeholm AG. The structure of the N690 resembles the American 440C with improved characteristics.

Austrian steel resists corrosion, sharpens well, and withstands high impact loads. With the right heat treatment, the N690 hardness reaches 60 HRC, and the Extrema Ratio masters squeeze the maximum possible out of the steel. The company invests heavily in the development of processing technologies. Its hardening methods ensure the strength of the blades and long-term preservation of the sharpness of the cutting edge.

The creation of Austrian metallurgists is not the only noteworthy material used by Italians. The Forprene polymer is used on the handle of fixed knives, it provides a reliable grip even with a wet hand and has an impact-absorbing ability. Tactical and combat folding knives also have remarkable handles. Most of their scales are made of high purity aluminum alloy (98%). Anticorodal is loved by knife makers for its amazing strength and superior corrosion resistance.

Another secret of success is the combination of advanced production technology (as 3d modeling) with old-fashioned hand work. After the knife is prototyped and rigorously tested in the field.

The company has developed a quality control system that each product of the company goes through.

Extrema Ratio knives range in size from small folders to large kurki, the company creates several variations of the same model.

Extrema Ratio products are developed with pieces of advice from the Italian and foreign military forces. The company's specialists do not sacrifice the practical qualities of a knife for the sake of a beautiful design. As a result, Italians' tactical, combat, and military knives are distinguished by outstanding durability and meet the most stringent requirements of army standards. Only after that, after correcting practical remarks, a serial version of the product is created. All knives are collected and adjusted manually by craftsmen.

You can buy Extrema Ratio on Maria Stalina Knives website.

Extrema Ratio BF3 Dark Talon
Extrema Ratio BF3 Dark Talon
$580 USD
Extrema Ratio Shrapnel OG Gold
Extrema Ratio Shrapnel OG Gold
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