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SBW Stellar SR

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210 mm
Blade length
90 mm
121 g
Thickness in the forehead
3.5 mm
Blade material
Damascus Damasteel
Material of the handle
Lock type
From the manufacturer / New
Bearing system
Limited Edition
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: company packaging (box, polishing cloth, certificate)
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Stellar SR by Shirogorov Brothers Workshop 

The first-ever SPRINT RUN from SBW. Sergey Shirogorov is the first to bring into use this term among Russian manufacturers. Usually Sprint Run is the release before mass production of a limited number of products, often slightly different in design from the series. These pieces, due to their rarity, are invariably in high demand by collectors. SPRINT RUN of the Stellar SR is only 30 pieces! These knives were sold by SBW to followers, they can't be found in the free sale.

The Stellar SR is an EDC knife that can easily handle any task. But! This is an extremely rare artifact, it will turn a routine task into communication with a skillfully made collectible item.

The design of Stellar SR is strict and concise. Nothing superfluous, only titanium in harmony with the cold Damascus. The darker anodized hardware sets the accents, completing the composition.

As always, the luxurious deployment of the Shirogorovs' knives has long been the hallmark of the Workshop. This time, the designer of the model, Sergey Shirogorov himself, implemented it using a single-row roller bearing on the axle assembly.

The Stellar SR is the Shirogorovs' first liner lock in a long time, in which the spring has turned into a much more complex part. As we remember, the first version was in the Walker — a long metal plate inserted into the handle, supporting the blade. At that time, the technology was a breakthrough, but now the SWB has expanded the jurisdiction of the spring. In the new configuration, it protects the important entrails of the knife by closing unnecessary gaps.

The visor-shaped design of the spring is the next ergonomic solution of the Workshop. Now the movement of the finger holding the blade has become even more comfortable. The visor covers the gap, making the handle a solid detail. In addition to aesthetics, the visor has another goal — to make daily use even more pleasant. Thanks to the sub-finger recesses, it will be convenient to press on it, and the notches will not allow the finger to slip off.

The blade is made of Damasteel Damascus steel with an elegant Björkmans Twist pattern. This pattern is a modified version of Dense Twist with a distinctive star pattern on the back of the blade. Björkmans Twist is more detailed, its undulating lines create a pattern similar to tree growth rings. According to the manufacturer himself, "not a single detail of the pattern repeats the other."

The handle is made of titanium, a light metal that is as strong as steel. On the one hand, titanium is a metal with an unlimited margin of safety; it is used in the construction of ships and aircraft. On the other hand, the material is light and hypoallergenic, which is why watches and dentists' instruments are also made from it.

The ergonomic handle without sharp edges in combination with a textured backspacer will ensure a secure grip. The clip has additional decorative milling.

The flipper comes with a branded box, a polishing cloth, and a certificate of authenticity.

The Stellar SR is a practical piece with the functions of a tactician and a skilled EDC tool. It's easy to use, so it can be an excellent men's accessory. The shaped model of the spring will surprise and delight collectors. 

Hurry up with your purchase! And you can always find other interesting Workshop models in our catalog.

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