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Candiru Siska mother-of-pearl Manufactory S&L
Candiru Siska mother-of-pearl Manufactory…
Candiru Siska Engraved Manufactory S&L
Candiru Siska Engraved Manufactory S&L
Candiru Bronze Manufactory S&L
Candiru Bronze Manufactory S&L

    Candiru is a predatory folder with original mechanics

    Can a knife be a stylish accessory element? It must! The Manufactory S&L takes this rule to create the author's one-kind knives.

    The Candiru models are unusual custom knives for a costume or a table. The exclusive feature of them is the author’s Back Shift Lock + (BSL +). The mechanism will require some skill from the owner and is designed for the adaptability of motor skills. It's a matter of habit, and it's always nice to get used to good things. 

    You can see and feel the mechanics of Candiru. Its working principle is simple and elegant.

    For deployment, it is necessary to turn the flag of the axial screw 90 degrees counterclockwise, then bring the pin to the groove in the back of the handle and drown it. Then the flag is rotated in the opposite direction, clockwise, fixing the axial screw and protecting the index finger from slipping onto the blade. Do this a few times and you'll be surprised how good you get at it.

    Why do we need another kind of lock when there are flippers, frontals, spring locks, etc.? For the same reason why a person who owns a good car gives himself the pleasure of riding a bicycle. It's boring to trust mechanisms to do all the work. 

    The Candiru has a stylish shape and compact dimensions. It brings to the owner luxurious, sophisticated charm.

    All Manufactory knives are made from premium materials which we receive directly from manufacturers (Damasteel AB, Chad Nichols Damascus, Vegas Forge, Zladinox).

    The assembly and finish of each piece are totally handmade. By purchasing the products of the Manufactory S&L, you can be sure that you are the owner of a unique folding knife, creating which, the Master puts a lot of time and effort , working with soul and pleasure.

    Check out other works of our Manufactory. For example, on the Argus model — a folding knife with mechanics similar to the Candiru, as well as on the EDC folder Knife, the design of which provides 5 ways to open!

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47