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Emmanuel Esposito Scorpion Prototype

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200 mm
Blade length
85 mm
95 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,2 mm
Blade material
Finishing the blade
Hand Rubbed Satin
Material of the handle
Carbon fiber
Roller clip in Titanium
Mokume by Ebner
Lock type
Liner Lock
From the manufacturer / New
Price: $20,900USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: leather case.
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The Scorpion prototype is a flawless creation by Emmanuel Esposito

Scorpion Prototype is an example of the true art of custom knife making from the Italian master Emmanuel Esposito. This is the prototype of the famous Scorpio, the incarnation of the original author’s idea. This Scorpion is a designer's purity of thought, without frills. In the future, the master complicated the shape of the blade, the locking mechanism, and the finish of the handle. The expensive folding knife is an elegant men's accessory that will become a worthy companion of a gentleman and a dandy.

A blade profile is an artistic scramasax. It seems that the author wanted to turn the knife over and sharpen its butt. At the same time, the blade was sharpened perfectly: the Scorpio may well pretend to be a scalpel. The cutting edge is strikingly sharp thanks to the use of M390 steel. This Austrian powder steel was created for medical instruments, it retains a sharp cutting edge for a long time, does not rust, and is extremely durable.

Press the flipper and the blade easily flies out of the handle to be captured by the titanium embrace of the Liner lock. The liner is partially anodized in blue, echoing the same clip finish. The pocket clip is geometric with a polished ball for easy fixing of the knife to the pocket. If the external angularity of the lines serves purely aesthetics, then the titanium rollerball has a practical purpose, it will protect your pockets from holes.

Esposito is obliged to share the applause for the beauty of the handle with the blacksmith Johannes Ebner. The four-color mokume on the bolster is the work of the famous German master. Scales made of high-quality red-gray carbon fiber with a soft-touch effect.

The custom flipper Scorpion Prototype is an eclectic Art Deco where the luxury of materials is emphasized by the boldness of geometric lines. The knife will look great on a mahogany table next to the first edition of The Great Gatsby.

You are one click away from possession of Scorpio. For more information about custom, please contact our manager.

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