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Moro Knives Horus

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207 mm
Blade length
92 mm
170 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,3 mm
Blade material
RWL-34 RSP Stainless steel
Material of the handle
AISI-416 Stainless steel, yellow metal
Lock type
Simone Fezzardi
Moro Knives
Status: Our collection
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author packaging (box, padded velvet box, certificate with case).
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Engraved battle of Gods on custom knife Horus 

The Horus is an epic folding dagger by Corrado Moro, dedicated to the Egyptian deity Horus. On the handle of the masterpiece, you will find various episodes of the life of the celestial, depicting the battle with his antipode — Set. Every detail of the custom is carefully crafted by the hands of an Italian craftsman. The fine, detailed engraving on the handle with jewelry premium yellow metal inlay is made by Moro's fellow countryman, famous Italian artist Simone Fezzardi. The folder is made in a single sample.

The custom was purchased by Maria Stalina® Knives personally from Corrado Moro.

The finest handwork, individual design, jewelry engraving: this piece of art deserves to be in a museum. It's a big luck to have this masterpiece in a collection. The sophisticated custom design will look great on a rosewood countertop.

Do you want to test the knife in action? The Horus won't let you down. The blade's premium steel will delight you with a delicious cut.

The blade can be easily opened with one hand. The smooth deployment is ensured by a ball bearing system installed in the axial. The rare Twin-lock fixes the blade. The unlock lever is located on the back of the handle.

The dagger blade has a one-sided cutting edge and the finest hand-held longitudinal satin finish. The shape is favorably emphasized by a long deep fuller, the impeccable geometry of which is made with jewelry precision. The blade is made of premium powder steel RWL-34. This high-tech material of the Swedish concern Damasteel has high corrosion resistance and excellent sharpening.

An extremely pleasant tactile, ergonomic handle is decorated with the finest engraving, the plot of which will surely hold your attention for a long time. On one side of the knife, the moment of the mythical battle is depicted. The god of the sun and sky Horus prepares to strike the god of chaos Seth. Horus is depicted with the inlay of elite yellow metal in the space of the drawing. In the background is engraved Anubis, Horus's half-brother, who came to help him.

The celebration of Horus is dedicated on the other side. God stands proudly raising his falcon head. The sacred scarab beetle falls at his feet. A mysterious pyramid is visible behind his back. The eye of Horus — the wedjat eye shines over his head. The wedjat eye is considered the most powerful amulet of Ancient Egypt, the great Tutankhamun wore its image for protection.

The plot of the drawing organically uses popular ancient Egyptian symbolism. Along with the scarab and the wedjat eye, you will find the Ankh cross.

The backspacer is formed of stainless steel; the date of creation of the knife is visible on its inner side — 06.2019.

The folder comes with a branded box, a velvet-covered case, a certificate with a fabric case, signed by Corrado Moro.

Horus is a knife worthy of its name. Handicraft, impeccable mechanics, and jewelry engraved, a work created by eminent craftsmen. Horus will always come to your aid, and the all-seeing wedjat eye will protect you from adversity. 

Moro Knives Horus belongs to the collection of the Maria Stalina Knives store.


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