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Steigerwald Knives Assist-Br

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217 mm
Blade length
94 mm
207 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,7 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Bronze, Steel, Titanium
Lock type
Author's Steigerwald Lock
Price: $3,020USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author packaging (box, certificate, polishing cloth).
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A very unusual knife by Stefan Steigerwald, a collector's art folder with creative mechanics and a steampunk-style design. The steampunk concept does not just allow, it requires the author to connect the mechanical and aesthetic components together. It's complicated and insanely interesting. Therefore, the universe of steam fantasy is a favorite creative motif of the German master. Following the canons of the genre, Steigerwald gives his knives a mysterious fantastic look with a characteristic historical touch. Tell someone that this knife was used by Captain Nemo or Dr. Frankenstein, and you will most likely be believed.

The highlight of the Steigerwald Assist Bronze folding knife is the use of switching the flipper mechanics to a semiautomatic method of extracting the blade. To do this, you need to move the toggle switch on the right frame dash. In semi-automatic mode, the blade is thrown from the handle when the spring shift is shifted on the backrest. It is worth to clarify that the spring does not bring the blade to the stop in the lock, but only helps to open the knife. Then the clincher in the lock of the thumb with the thumb or with the brush movement.

The material of the blade is Damascus steel. Frame is made of aged bronze. Accessories and spring-loaded clip — anodized titanium. Spring material — tool steel D2. All the details of the knife, up to the last screw, Stefan makes personally. The author's damask for the knife was forged by Stefans compatriot R. Rose.

To buy folding knives Steigerwald is very difficult: every year the author makes no more than a dozen knives, most — on individual orders. We cooperate with the Master directly, without intermediaries, and are happy to offer Stefan's work at author prices for our customers.

Stylish and distinctive Steigerwald Assist Bronze will decorate any knife collection and will become a bright addition to your image. Especially if in your wardrobe there is a front guards uniform;)

P.S. Dear collectors and connoisseurs of rarities, it will probably be interesting to look at the prototype of the Assist-Br model, available in our online store.

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