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Zaza Revishvili Sparta

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232 mm
Blade length
104 mm
293 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,7 mm
Blade material
Devin Thomas Damascus
Material of the handle
Stainless Steel
Handle Finish
Tom Ferry engraving
Lock type
Liner Lock
From the manufacturer / New
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In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: fabric case, certificate.
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Sparta knife by Zaza Revishvili with  Devin Thomas Damascus Tom Ferry engraving

The Sparta knife is a masterpiece of the great Zaza Revishvili, the father of Russian knifemaking, the first Soviet master who managed to conquer international knife exhibitions. Each of Revishvili's works is an example of custom craftsmanship and an object of hunting for collectors. This folder is dedicated to the feat of the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae.

If the battle with the Persians needed the courage of 300 Spartans, the knife Sparta demanded the talent of three geniuses. In addition to Zaza Revishvili, the legendary blacksmith Devin Thomas and the outstanding engraver Tom Ferry worked on the folder. Devin forged beautiful and durable Damascus, and Tom engraved the handle.

The process of opening a knife is an exquisite tactile pleasure. By moving the thumb stud, the blade with a light circular motion smoothly slides out of the handle and is immediately fixed by a reliable liner lock. Zaza Revishvili made the thumb stud in refined shape and decorated it with a mineral cabochon.

The pattern of the author's Damascus echoes the bone pattern of the handle, and the profile of the blade copies the xiphos — the sword of the Spartan soldiers. The shape of the blade is not only aesthetic but also very practical. The knife showed itself excellently during piercing and cutting loads, and the considerable weight of the custom (almost 300 grams) increased the cutting properties of the blade. In addition, thanks to the excellent Damascus by Devin Thomas, the cutting edge is kept very well and does not lend itself to corrosion.

All handle parts are made of premium stainless steel. The organic shape fits nicely in the palm and provides a secure grip. As for aesthetics — words are superfluous here, the work of Tom Ferry can be viewed endlessly. A field of bones with seven skulls, whose mouths are frozen in the legendary cry of "Sparta!" — the engraving amazes with delicate manual work, the transfer of light and shade.

The final accent is a stylish embossed backspacer, the pattern of which not only echoes the pattern of the scales but also increases grip. On the inside, the backspacer is marked with an engraving with the master's autograph — ZAZA.

The Sparta Folder is not just a highly functional EDC knife, it is a unique handcrafted artifact. Custom exists in a single copy and its cost is growing day by day.

Buy a masterpiece by Zaza Revishvili, become the master of Sparta!

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