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Lerman Custom Knives

The creator of bright custom from Israel Lee Lerman

Lerman Custom Knives are custom flippers created by the golden hands of Israeli Lee Lerman. Knifemaker's works are so prized by collectors that the waiting list for his knives is scheduled for several years ahead.

Lee Lerman was born in Tel Aviv and became interested in knives in childhood. He created the layout of his first knife at the age of 15, it was the Hydra, which in 10 years will glorify the master. However, to implement his ambitious plan, Lerman lacked neither the funds nor the experience. The first Israeli knife was the massive kukri. Lee went to the rubbish dump, collected the scrap he needed, and then made a Nepalese machete in the garage using a belt and angle grinder.

"I started collecting simple, cheap knives at the age of 15 and gradually got carried away. First I looked for information on the Internet, then I began to buy various tools. Allen Elishewitz has strongly influenced my work, I am inspired by the work of this master", — said Lee Lerman in an exclusive interview to the site Maria Stalinа Knives.

However, professional knifemaking was still a long way off. Lee became a carpenter. The free time he devoted to knives. For several years, Lerman made models with only a fixed blade. Professional carpentry skills came in handy to create handles.

"Many folder manufacturers are afraid of natural materials. But I have been doing fixes for a very long time and also doing carpentry, so I got used to dealing with wood", — Lee explained to us. He is still experimenting a lot with valuable wood species.

Lee Lerman's works were popular with knife fans. At 22, the master was able to quit his job and devote himself entirely to custom knifemaking. At this time, at one of the knife forums, Lerman met Nati Amor. Amor was a professional jeweler, and his experience in knifemaking was limited to reading thematic literature and creating models of future knives on paper. Lee pushed his friend to move from theory to practice, invited him to his workshop, and gave several lessons. Friends for about six years worked side by side, as a result, Nati Amor abandoned jewelry and became one of the most eminent Israeli knife makers (now he works under the Black Snow Customs brand).

Lee Lerman earned the recognition of world knife making with the Hydra model — the same flipper, the layout of which he created back in school. Persian blade profile, reliable liner lock, amazingly fast, and light deployment. Each knife of the model is unique by a combination of bright expensive materials, only the design remains unchanged.

"In general, I love design, I am attracted by completely different aesthetics, be it Victorian weapons or supercars", — Lerman explained about his source of inspiration.

In the fall of 2018, the master presented his new flipper Sigma 6 to the public. This knife was significantly different from the Hydra. A typical drop-point blade, a handle with a frame lock, a short wide fin. We could not resist the beauty of Sigma 6 and now the handsome Damascus Lee Lerman adorns the collection of our store.

When Lee decided to go in for knife making, he promised himself not to get hung up and if he got bored with knives, he would go to another craft. 10 years have passed, but Lerman is not going to give up with knife making. He continues to create more and more custom variations of Hydra, wrecking applause with handles from mokuti and collecting likes with videos where a knife cuts along human hair.

We continue to follow the work of the Israeli knife maker and will not miss the new masterpiece of the master. Hydra and Sigma 6 have already taken pride of place in the personal collection of Maria Stalina. For more information about Lee Lerman's custom flippers presented on our website, please call +7 (812) 676-33-47. Also, our manager will tell you about other collectible knives made of Damascus steel, presented in the Maria Stalina Knives online store.

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Lerman Custom Knives Hydra
Lerman Custom Knives Hydra
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Lerman Custom Knives Sigma 6
Lerman Custom Knives Sigma 6
Our collection
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